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We can supply, deliver and install the glass blocks for your project. Easy!

Glass blocks can be used in countless ways to add natural light and beauty to all types of constructions.

We have been in the glass block and brick industry for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our quality stock and installation standards.

We offer a variety of installation methods; including mortar, silicone and fire rated options.

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Or why not do it yourself?

Our popular DIY silicone kits are easy to install yet provide a professional finish.

The 'BlokUp" DIY installation system uses our custom made aluminium frames with silicone or you can install the blocks / bricks directly into a timber frame using silicone and anchor clips.

The silicone system provides a 3mm join between each glass block / glass brick which is generally more appealing in bathrooms and other wet areas.

Silicone is not recommended or applicable on jobs such as curved walls, free standing partitions, large walls over 3 meters and in areas with heavy water contact.

Some jobs require the use of mortar instead of silicone.

Mortar requires a degree of experience for DIY installation. If you are undertaking special projects like curved walls or frameless partitions, mortar will often be required. We are happy to provide you with expert advice in this area, if needed. Fire rated applications must also be installed using mortar.


How to install with our Silicone DIY kits

Your step by step guide


Step 1

Install the fabricated SUPERPRO aluminium frame into the opening ensuring the frame is square, plumb and level. Fastenings should be about every 400mm up the jambs.


Step 2

Run a bead of silicone along the rebated shoulders of the first piece of cut- to-length horizontal PVC strip, and place against the return lip on the bottom of the aluminium frame, so that it stays in position against the frame while you are working. This PVC strip does not have tabs that sit inside the frame.


Step 3

Run a bead of silicone along the rebated shoulders of 2 short vertical PVC infill strips, and place against the return lips of the channel on each side of the frame.


Step 4

Run a 10mm bead of silicone down the centre of the vertical PVC strip and continue along the horizontal PVC strip then up the vertical PVC strip at the opposite end. Work from the sides of the frame to the centre placing each block with vertical PVC strip and silicone bead down the centre of each. Centre up row so all joints are level.


Step 5

Finish the first course and run a bead of silicone along the top of the blocks. Lay the next piece of horizontal PVC strip. This piece and the rest of the horizontal PVC strips have tabs attached that sit inside the aluminium frame.


Step 6

Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you get to the top row.


Step 7

At the last row, put the side infill pieces against the frame and silicone as usual. Put silicone on top of each glass block before you put it in place. Slide a PVC infill piece above the glass block against the frame.


Step 8

Insert “hanging PVC infills” (infills with tabs in them) between the blocks vertically as you work your way from outside towards the centre.


Step 9

At the last block, insert one normal PVC infill between the blocks as you are putting the last block in. Use a thin tool ( a key or knife is ideal) to slide the horizontal infill above the second to last block across, so that it sits between the last two blocks.

Step 10

Starting at the bottom, apply glass block silicon to joints being careful not to do too much at a time. Using soapy water, spray on silicone joints and using your finger or a finishing tool remove excess silicone. Leave for 24 hours then buff off residue and polish glass blocks.


Installation method specifications

Silicone installation with frame

'BlokUp' aluminium framed silicone system which can be installed on a DIY basis whilst providing a professional finish.

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Silicone installation without frame

Silicone system for installation into timber frames without sacrificing strength or stability using telescopic anchor clips.

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Fire rated & Mortar installations with frame

Measurements below are for a fully installed mortar system only. For DIY mortar applications, please contact our office.


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