Our range of glass blocks

Our French and Indonesian glass blocks are among the best quality in the world.

All glass blocks can be sandblasted on either one or two sides!


Indonesian Glass Blocks


French Glass Blocks

Fire rated range


Czech Republic Glass Blocks


Coloured Glass Blocks


Miscellaneous specialty blocks


Glass pavers

Our French trafficable glass block pavers are among the best quality in the world.

The two installation options are shown below. We can help you decide on the system which best suits your job requirements.

Steel Grid Paver Panels


Pre-cast Paver Panels

Precast La Rochere concrete paving panels.jpg

DIY kits

We offer DIY kits for those who want to do the installation themselves, without using one of our specialists.


The 'BlokUp" DIY installation system uses our custom made aluminium frames with silicone or you can install the blocks / bricks directly into a timber frame using silicone and anchor clips.